The shape4mind set of 3D letter tiles introduces your child to the world of reading and writing in a fun way. The integration of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic experience encourages a multidimensional study of the letters. Children get to know the letters through play and motor activity and learn to form simple words. The exercise their memory and perfect their focus.

The game shape and expand your child’s brain functions linked to spatial and multi-sensory perception, which is essential in the world where mainstream education puts all the emphasis on learning through visual and auditory stimuli.

The shape4mind tiles are also great help in practicing the finer motor skills, strengthening hand and finger mobility and sensitivity, which further help in the process of writing.

Playing with shape4mind tiles allows parents and children to spend time together, productively and enjoying a bonding experience.





Available option sets:

small letters


The basic set

small letters

contains 50 tiles witch convex letters, 2 smiley 😊 tiles which can be used as jokers or wild cards, a draw-bag and instruction.

The basic set


contains 50 tiles witch convex letters, 2 smiley 😊 tiles which can be used as jokers or wild cards, a draw-bag and instruction.


'(…)The use of convex letters on the tiles is a positive aspect of the game. Similar to Maria Montessori’s sand paper letter boards, shape4mind tiles give your child a chance to learn the letters with the use of touch. Marking each tile with a convex dot for position reference enhances your child’s ability to correctly place the letter in the space. By physically handling the letters, your child pays greater attention to similarities and differences between them.

The size of the tiles is optimal, which makes them easy to manipulate for little hands. The colours are warm and child friendly.


It is important to emphasise that games you can play with shape4mind tiles focus not only on language. They are also great for shaping emotional and social maturity in children, who learn to follow a set of rules, to wait for their turn or to cope with defeat. Playing with shape4mind tiles motivates children to learn in a positive way. Your child will accept new challenges and perfect their skills confidently. Everything happens in a relaxed setting , enabling learning through play. Thanks to this, children develop familiarity with the letters and become friends with them.

Playing with shape4mind tiles is a brilliant way of spending time at pre-school, school, or as a family!'


Barbara Papierz, Bogusława Rajska

teacher consultants at

Voivodship Centre for Teacher Development

The shape4mind tiles are made of attested ABS material

Registration in the Patent Office:
Community design registration number: 002864207
Identification number and applicant’s name: 727309 Galaktyka Sp. z o.o.


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